105+dB 3D Sonic Installation


Qatar National Library, Doha, Qatar

Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 16:00 to Sunday, March 17, 2019 - 18:00

Immerse yourself in a bubble of sounds recorded from a live football match!


105+dB is a sonic artwork made unique for Qatar, about identity, place and participation. 

A large-scale sound installation, transplanting the awesome wall of noise and energy captured between Al Rayan and Al Arabi football clubs at The Grand Hamad Stadium on 14 September 2018.

A custom built array of 17 microphones and 2.5 miles of cable were positioned around the stadium in order to capture an exact spatial replica of the scale and location of the crowd in 3D space. The match was captured purely through the prism of the fans; cheers and boos, chants and songs, recording both the roar of the mass and the nuance of individual voices, all experiencing the match.


The sonic architecture of the match is taken out of the stadium and rebuilt as a large scale outdoor sound installation. Audiences are invited to navigate within the roar, walking through and around the wall of sound as they would a sculpture.


In an increasingly mobile and decentralised world how we perform identity, both nationally and locally is becoming more and more complicated. Football represents a microcosm of performed micro-identity, a place where this can be expressed with performed passion.


Using the sound of football crowds as our medium and inviting participants to re-explore the noise, in another landscape, we are transplanting energy out of the stadium, where it is understood and contained, and into other realms where it proposes new narratives to be constructed by the listeners as they navigate the soundscape.


105+dB is a public art installation that can be interacted with playfully by thousands of people of all ages, bringing people together, using the mass appeal of football, and the canvas of the city to encourage conversations as Qatar continues the journey towards the World Cup in 2022.


Invisible Flock are an interactive arts studio based in the UK, making groundbreaking innovative artworks to be experienced and participated in by thousands all over the world.


Their multidisciplinary, technologically driven practice seeks to redefine and disrupt traditional perceptions and models of global art practice.


Drawing directly from the world around us they aim to create art and foster relevant and contemporary art practices that have a long-lasting transformative effect, having built GPS powered AR art games, transformed discarded beach plastic into 3D printed artworks, and created large scale immersive installations as well as pioneering digital pieces that exist out at sea.


Invisible Flock (United Kingdom)
Qatar National Library, Doha