Art Night Associate Programme 2017; The Revolution will be Photocopied at Bishopsgate Institute

Library, Bishopsgate Institute, London, London, United Kingdom

Saturday, July 1, 2017 - 06:00 to 12:00

As part of Art Night, Bishopsgate Institute will be sharing the parts of its historic archives that look at London’s radical and rebellious past and inviting you to create your own call to action – to turn your personal protest into a self-published piece of angry artwork. Visitors will be able to view the rich collection of visual protest and campaigning materials held in our Special Collections and Archives – from placards and posters to zines and pamphlets – and respond using scissors, glue and a photocopier. The event will encourage visitors to think about their own identity, and be inspired by the diverse source materials to create a zine of their own.


United Kingdom
Library, Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4QH
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01 July 2017 to 02 July 2017

Art Night 2017