CAMP Mountain Music Festival

CAMP, Aulus-Les-Bains, France

Friday, September 13, 2019 - 10:00 to Monday, September 16, 2019 - 12:00

CAMP Mountain Music Festival
Aulus Les Bains, Ariege, France
13 / 14 / 15 September 2019

Three days & nights of performances, workshops, film screenings, lectures, installations, experiments, sound walks, hiking, river-swimming and partying in the epic French Pyrenees.


CAMP Mountain Music Festival is a truly unique thing, unlike any other music festival. Taking place in Aulus les Bains, 750m above sea level and surrounded by towering, snow-capped peaks reaching over 3km into the blue skies, CMMF will bring a tiny Pyrenean village to life with some of the most diverse, ground-breaking and sublime music happening now.

The festival has three main venues – the beautiful village church, which will host performances by Eric Chenaux, Heather Leigh and more; the old school, which will house the acclaimed AV installation DRIFT – inside the installation, heavy electronics rule, with performances from Teki Latex, Space Afrika, Peter Rehberg and more. Finally, CAMP itself will host performances, workshops, film screenings, discussions, lectures and installations throughout the day and night.

What makes CAMP Mountain Music Festival so special? Three things:

  1. The place. It’s stunning. Wake up, stroll down to the glacial mountain stream for a morning splash, stroll through the ancient forests and buzzing alpine meadows, take in the mountain vibes.
  2. The program. From the dancefloor weaponry of Teki Latex and Ossia to the epic soundscapes of Philip Jeck, the breadth of our program is exciting, inspiring and tons of fun.
  3. The vibe. Aulus is a small village, and this is a small festival – there are only 150 tickets. If you’re into boutique festivals, intimate performances by huge artists, free workshops and discussions with globally acclaimed musicians and being part of a genuinely special musical event, CAMP Mountain Music Festival is for you!

First artists announced: 9T Antiope / Alexandra Nilsson / apres anora / Arma Agharta / Aurélie Ferrière / Black Zone Myth Chant / Cheval Scintillantes / Core of the Coalman / Cru Servers / dj flugvel og geimskip / Elsa Hewitt / Eric Chenaux / Heather Leigh / Holzkopf / Kelly Jayne Jones / Kirk Barley / L'Ocelle Mare / Lafidki / Les Halles / Monty Adkins / Ossia / Pel Bonheur / Peter Rehberg / Philip Jeck / Rough Fields / Space Afrika / Teki Latex / Tim Shaw / WANDA GROUP / YTAC


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CAMP, Rue Principale, Aulus-Les-Bains, 09140
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