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Thursday, August 1, 2019 - 15:30 to Sunday, August 25, 2019 - 15:30

What really goes on in Amazon Fulfilment Centres? Award-winning company SharkLegs return to the Fringe with their new show Fulfilment, interrogating the true price of next-day delivery.  Disarmingly funny and playful, the show is created live every night aided by the desires of the audience.  This shocking piece of theatre explores what it takes to fulfil our ever-increasing consumer demands.


Robox is your personal fulfilment device - the one-click wonder, the ultimate convenience.  You dream it, he delivers it - instant fulfilment.  Robox discovers what the audience need, what they want and what they dream of.  They just sit back and let Robox deliver.


Fulfilment shares verbatim testimonials from real Fulfilment Centre workers along with the experiences of a member of the show’s creative team, exposing the truth behind the draconian practices imposed by monolithic corporations in the name of optimisation.  It is a poignant look at what we expect from modern day service and the exploitative application of technological efficiency on people.


Fulfilment uses Bunraku puppetry, directed by Richard Hay (puppeteer in Dark Crystal, Netflix; Solo: A Star Wars Story), in which the puppeteers are visible to the audience.   As the audience focus on the puppet, they pay increasingly little attention to the puppeteers. Fulfilment uses this metaphor to explore the relationship between consumer and worker in a global supply chain.  As the demands of the audience increase, Robox is unperturbed while the puppeteers suffer, exposing the link between what we want and how we get it.


Director, Kezia Cole comments, The inspiration for this show were the real stories from Fulfilment Centre employees, many of which are presented verbatim in the show. Their stories show us a world we don’t see when we click Next-Day Delivery and tell the wider story of our contemporary society where inequality is increasing and the chasm between the people that order and the people that deliver is ever-widening. We have been boycotting Amazon since January this year and nothing in the show has been sourced from Amazon.

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02 August 2019 to 26 August 2019

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