Just announced: Mark Titchner and Daniel O' Sullivan present DECAPHON (Music in rippled air) in London Bridge

London Bridge Station, London, London, United Kingdom

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - 18:30 to 19:15

A new sound composition by Daniel O’Sullivan for ten voices for Mark Titchner’s sculptural installation Me. Here. Now. at London Bridge Station

DECAPHON (Music in rippled air) is a new sound composition for ten voices by composer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel O’Sullivan to interact with the sculptural installation Me. Here. Now. by artist Mark Titchner. The artwork, launched in October 2018 is Titchner’s most ambitious public work to date, comprising three large suspended mirrored domes in the Stainer Street tunnel at London Bridge Station. The commission will be O’Sullivan’s first large scale work specifically composed for a sculptural work and will see Titchner reprise his public artwork with new texts for the vocal score. DECAPHON (Music in rippled air) is a Team London Bridge commission and produced by Artstrust Productions, supported by Network Rail and London Festival of Architecture. 

Considering the idea of travel both as physical activity and as a metaphor for self-improvement or spiritual change, each of the domes places a cyclical text against a richly patterned printed surface. These three texts – ‘Only the first step is difficult’, ‘The distance means nothing’ and ‘One foot in front of the other’ – will form the basis of a series of slowly radiating canons sung beneath each dome, overlapping and oscillating between the three suspended objects. The distinct geometric forms of each dome amplifying and reflecting the singers below. Alongside Daniel O'Sullivan, the Decaphon singers are Peter Broderick, Kieran Brunt, Chloe Herington, Rose Keeler-Schaffeler, Hatis Noit, Merlin Nova, Astrud Steehouder, Francois Testory, and Richard Youngs.

The title of the piece, DECAPHON (Music in rippled air) is a response to the ten-sided forms of the Me. Here. Now. sculpture, which was originally commissioned by Network Rail and curated by Futurecity for the Stainer Street tunnel at London Bridge Station in 2018. The composition creates a ripple of sound, beginning with the ensemble under the first and largest dome and resolving under the smallest third dome. Each ensemble reacts to the next, creating the effect of continuous momentum and flux within the arc of the tunnel. O’Sullivan’s compositional system behaves as a physiological mirror of the objects, animating the shape and intention into the space with the barest and most direct of musical resources, the human voice.

O’Sullivan and Titchner have been frequent collaborators in the last decade including performances at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in 2017 and notably on the live version of Titchner’s video work Rose with Alexander Tucker at venues including the Royal Festival Hall and the Roundhouse.

The performance is free, tickets must be reserved in advance. Follow this link to book: decaphon.eventbrite.co.uk


Daniel O’Sullivan is a composer and multi-instrumentalist living and working in London. He has achieved international acclaim writing, recording and performing with a myriad of groups including Grumbling Fur, Ulver, Sunn O))) and This Is Not This Heat. He has composed several sound works for film and installation. O’Sullivan collages a wide range of musical disciplines and influences into his work and has collaborated with a large number of artists including several live performances and recordings with continuous music pioneer Charlemagne Palestine. O’Sullivan is currently composing music for Brussels based orchestral group Echo Collective.


Mark Titchner is an artist based in London. His work involves an exploration of the tensions between the different belief systems that inform our society, be they religious, scientific or political. Focusing on an exploration of words and language, in recent years much of his production has been based in the public realm both in the UK and internationally. These public works have often been created from extended group activities, working particularly with young people. He was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2006 and participated in the Venice Biennale in 2007. In 2018 he completed a major new permanent public work, Me. Here. Now, commissioned by Network Rail, which is installed at London Bridge Station.


Commissioned by Network Rail and curated by Futurecity, a major new public artwork by artist Mark Titchner launched on October 17th, 2018 at London Bridge station in Stainer Street. Titchner’s most ambitious public work to date, Me. Here. Now. comprises three giant polished stainless-steel domes suspended from the ceiling of the new walkway. Mirrored inside and out, the domes reflect both the existing brickwork of the walkway ceiling and the movement and colour of everyday life below. These reflections animate the domes, continually shifting the viewer in their reflected image, emphasizing both the individual and their place in the wider community. Titchner wanted to associate the experience of travel and commuting with endurance and the potential for self-improvement, reflection and spiritual growth.

Each dome contains a succinct text, offering a mantra to passers-by underneath and a moment for pause within the busyness of this main transportation hub:

“Only the first step is difficult” “The distance means nothing” “One foot in front of the other”

These interconnected texts are adapted from a quote attributed to an 18th Century French noble, patron of the arts and friend of Voltaire, Anne de Vichy-Chamrond; the lyrics of an American post-hardcore band, Fugazi; and a self-help book. The circular hemispheres of the domes also act as a metaphor for a journey without end. As long as we continue to change, so does the world around us. Mark Titchner won this commission through a competitive process, supported by a specially convened Arts Advisory Panel including key project stakeholders and cultural experts. Titchner then worked in collaboration with Network Rail, Futurecity, Costain, and Concorde Graphics to develop and deliver the commission.


The London Bridge Culture Programme works with great artists and the local community to frame the dynamic arts and heritage offer for the area. Team London Bridge manages the Business Improvement District and provides services for the community of 400 businesses and 50,000 local employees. www.atlondonbridge.com


Mark Titchner (United Kingdom), Daniel O' Sullivan (United Kingdom)
United Kingdom
London Bridge Station, Stainer Street, London, SE1 9RL