Music Cities Convention Memphis

Halloran Centre 225 S, Memphis, United States of America

Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 09:15 to 19:30

Music Cities Convention is the largest and most extensive gathering on Music Cities.

The conference brings together leaders from governments, cities and regions, academics, organisations and the music scene to discuss, debate and introduce new thinking. Music Cities Convention showcases best practices on the use of music - and all its variants - to improve city life. As well as this, the role and impact of music across education, employment, community building, placemaking, licensing and regulation is explored in the events.

Through collaborative panels, keynotes and networking sessions, Music Cities Convention presents the future of music in our cities.

Music Cities Convention showcases the best practices for improving urban planning, quality of life, city policy and development strategies through music. 

United States of America
Halloran Centre 225 S, Main St, Memphis, TN, 38103