New Topographies

Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester, North West, United Kingdom

Friday, March 17, 2017 - 10:30 to Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 18:00

Artists have for centuries helped us to define beauty in the landscapes in which we live. We live in times of rapid technological and cultural changes that affect our sense of place. Manchester is now changing perhaps more rapidly than at any time since its explosion into the world’s first truly industrial city.

In ‘New Topographies’ artists explore how we connect emotionally with landscape asking us to question the very nature of beauty and to review our environment with a fresh perspective. The exhibition contrasts the temporality of urban landscape with the ageless grandeur of mountains and wilderness.



Julian Bovis. Julian has created a bespoke, site-specific piece especially for the ‘New Topographies’ exhibition. Concentrating on the themes of history and regeneration, his panorama of Castlefield Basin captures the changing mood of the area as the city centre high rise towers slowly envelop their surroundings. The piece is incredibly topical given the recent and ongoing controversies surrounding certain development proposals in Manchester. Manchester art blogger Bees Blogs suggests the work “marks a little piece of Manchester’s history”.

Josie Jenkins. For ‘New Topographies’, Josie is showing six pieces from her Scrap series that capture the unexpected beauty of often maligned parts of our environment. Also in the show are two of Josie’s layered box pieces using reclaimed pitch pine, perspex, charcoal and ink. They offer the viewer a peep into mysterious landscapes.

Mackie (Andrew Mcintosh). Andrew is showing three of his Bandstand series in ‘New Topographies’. These meticulously researched works combine images from LP covers that connect in some way to the real bandstands in which they sit. Do you recognise the album covers? (no prizes)

Mandy Payne. In ‘New Topographies’ Mandy is showing a large stone lithograph and block print, and two of her amazing lithographs printed on paper and mounted on her trademark concrete. We are also delighted to have a number of Mandy’s giclee prints in the racks.

Jen Orpin. We are delighted that Jen is showing her six most recent paintings in ‘New Topographies’. These gloriously bold paintings of the Scottish Highlands capture the feelings and emotions evoked by this most magnificent natural landscape.

Olga Woszczyna. Olga’s photographic work examines the material and texture of the built environment and traps them in the image. As Olga expresses it herself, ‘within that still and flat image I compress the thought ….. bringing another reality inside a space’.

In the three photographic works in ‘New Topographies’ Olga has captured a powerful beauty in the unexpected - a 1930’s built factory in China.

United Kingdom
North West
Saul Hay Gallery, Castlefield, Manchester, M3 4NA