Quizoola! (PT)

Circular Festival, Vila do Conde, International, Portugal

Sunday, September 27, 2015 - 15:00 to 21:00

Quizoola! is an improvised performance in which three performers in shabby clown make-up ask and answer questions over a continuous 6 hours. Dark, hilarious, absurd and intimate, it is a game that survives from moment to moment, a comical and sometimes brutal interrogation that soon gets out of hand.

Set inside a circle of bare electric light bulbs, Quizoola! is a live negotiation of what is real and what is performed – of what to ask and how to answer. The audience is free to arrive, leave and return at any point as this marathon game of questions and answers unfolds.

Performed in Portuguese by performers Jorge Andrade, Pedro Penim and Vera Mantero.

Based on a text of 2000 questions by Tim Etchells, Quizoola! was originally co-commissioned by the NRLA and ICA Live Arts in 1996.Quizoola! (PT) is presented by Forced Entertainment and Teatro Maria Matos. 

Circular Festival, Vila do Conde