Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Kuwait

Jaber Al-Ali Concert Hall, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 20:00

Nick Davies Conductor

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra


The RPO are on tour in Kuwait performing at the new futuristic Jaber Al-Ali Concert Hall on the outskirts of Kuwait, for three concerts.

The Saturday night concert is a John Williams film gala, featuring classic soundtracks such as ET, Jaws and Star Wars plus many more.


WILLIAMS Superman: Main Theme

WILLIAMS Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Hedwig's theme

WILLIAMS arr. Ingman Jaws: Main Theme

WILLIAMS Home Alone: Somewhere in my Memory

WILLIAMS Indiana Jones: Raiders' March

WILLIAMS Schindler's List: Main Theme

WILLIAMS arr. Raine War Horse: The Reunion

WILLIAMS ET: Flying Theme and Finale

--- Interval

WILLIAMS Jurassic Park: Main Theme

WILLIAMS Memoirs of a Geisha: Sayuri's Theme

WILLIAMS Hook: Flight to Neverland


WILLIAMS The Force Awakens: Rey's Theme

WILLIAMS The Force Awakens: March of the Resistance

WILLIAMS Star Wars: Princess Leia's Theme

WILLIAMS              Star Wars: Main Theme



Jaber Al-Ali Concert Hall, Sheikh Jabar Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre (JACC), Kuwait City
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