Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on Tour: Minsk

Palace of The Republic, Minsk, Belarus

Friday, September 27, 2019 - 20:00 to 21:45

BEETHOVEN Symphony No.2

LISZT Piano Concerto No.1

BRAHMS Symphony No.1

Rafael Payare Conductor
Rostislav Krimer Piano

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Esteemed Venezuelan conductor Rafael Payare opens a concert of Romantic giants with Beethoven’s Symphony No.2, a work of his early career that is filled with the vigour of youth and peppered with musical jests, whilst also maintaining a sense of grandeur and dignity to its conclusion. As Berlioz remarked, ‘this Symphony is smiling throughout.’

Renowned Belarusian concert pianist Rostislav Krimer performs Liszt’s landmark Piano Concerto No.1, a piece that set the benchmark for virtuosic piano composition and performance. Closing the evening is the majesty of Brahms’ Symphony No.1, which hearkens back to the influences of Beethoven that shaped the course of Romantic music.

Palace of The Republic, Oktoberpl. 1, Minsk, 220030