Séayoncé: Déjà Voodoo

George Sqaure, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Thursday, August 1, 2019 - 22:15 to Sunday, August 25, 2019 - 22:15

The legendary ghost-whisperer and baddest bitch in the spirit world is back to summon history’s late and great celebs, breathe some life back into the dead, and dish out some spiritual sauciness along the way. Séayoncé’s triumphant debut hour at the 2018 Fringe was all about opening our third eye (and our legs) to tap into the celestial wisdom of past superstars and find out why today’s millennials are so shit at love. This year, Séayoncé is hell-bent on making contact with the darkest of demons, plunging into the spiritual depths to make sense of good and evil as it’s been seen throughout the ages because, really, only Séayoncé is brave enough to let the Devil come inside. With personalised spiritual readings, sharply written jokes, singing, dancing and a peek into the underworld in this unforgettable séance, the show promises to leave audiences with the powers to #namaslay. SÉAYONCÉ: DÈJÁ VOODOO runs from Thu 1 - Mon 26 August at Assembly Gardens. 


In a world where being a bad bitch is a good thing, and nothing is as straight or forward as it seems - where what was once good has revealed itself to be evil AF, and what was once seen as sin now feels like a win - Séayoncé summons past lovers and uses VooDoo powers to try and slay the Devil that lurks in all of us. Dan Wye’s brilliant comedic timing, high calibre theatrics and bravery in bending gender boundaries and elevating queer performance make him mandatory Fringe viewing. A finalist in the Max turner comedy Competition and Phoenix Artist’s Club Cabaret Awards, plus a quarter finalist in the Amused Moose Competition in 2018, Dan was selected to compete in the Pleasance Comedy Reserve in 2017. His sketch group, Agenda Benders, also came second in the Sketch-Off Competition at Leicester Square Theatre in 2018. He has also developed work with Theatre common with support from English touring theatre, Radio Haha and the Old Vic theatre and performed at the Belgrade Theatre and Oval house. 


Praise for Séayoncé’s 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut

‘great fun to be around, and it's almost impossible to avoid getting caught up in the ridiculous, camp fun.’ The List‘Queer, overboard and full of vice’ ★★★★★ LondonBoxOffice

‘Outrageous, blasphemous and daftly infectious’ The List

'Favourite show I’ve ever seen... Séayoncé slays' ★★★★★ TheUpsideNews.com

‘Potty mouthed with a voice of gold' ★★★★ Advertiser, Adelaide


Daniel Wye (United Kingdom)
United Kingdom
George Sqaure, Assembly George Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9LH
Part of: 
02 August 2019 to 26 August 2019

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019