Treasures: Portraits of Costume in Malta

Museum of the Order of St John (event will take place online), London, International, United Kingdom

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 - 19:00 to 20:00

Join art historian & curator Caroline Tonna to learn about the importance of fashionable dress to 18th-century Maltese gentry and nobility.

The virtual lecture attempts to show that fashionable dress was an essential part of good taste and luxury for the Maltese gentry and nobility of the 18th century mirroring contemporary styles emerging from European fashion centres. The focus will be on portraits of costume in Malta in the rich collection of the Museum of the Order of St John, London.

Caroline Tonna is an art historian and curator at Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum Mdina. She holds Bachelor degrees in Anthropology, and Art History and has obtained a Master of Arts degree in Art History. She has contributed in local and foreign papers and delivered lectures on her specialised subjects in dress history and photography. Caroline has extensive experience in publishing, radio and television cultural productions.

All proceeds from this talk, and others in the Treasures from the Museum of the Order of St John series, will be put towards the conservation of the books and bound manuscripts in the Museum’s internationally significant library collection. 

United Kingdom
Museum of the Order of St John (event will take place online), London, EC1M 4DA