Virtual Variety Fest

61 Ivy Road, London, London, United Kingdom

Wednesday, June 3, 2020 - 19:30 to Saturday, June 6, 2020 - 10:00

An original idea by The Rose Company and Media Naranja Colombia


Virtual Variety Festival (#VVF) is a digital arts festival that aims to provide an online platform for artists to showcase their performances. The Festival, in itself, is our creative answer to these challenging times. It has allowed us to keep making bold performances and build bridges between artists and audiences. We are aware that performative arts are in themselves an act of presence. However, it is our creativity that pushes us to explore new forms to create and continue making what we are passionate about: art. 


The project started in April 2020 just after theatre venues across the UK started to close down due to the coronavirus situation. Jose Canseco and Maria Cuervo started developing the idea of an online festival that allowed artists from different fields to show their work, and most importantly, keep creating and developing ideas. We programme all types of art forms, such as theatre, music, video performance, dance, physical theatre, improv, clown, and much more. As we have mentioned before, Virtual Variety Fest endeavours to create a safe space for artists to present their work and re-build that sense of community. With our collaboration we have reached artists from Colombia, UK, Spain, Argentina, France, Mexico, and Canada.  throughout our two editions.


We want to continue working on this events to provide more opportunities for artists until the current pandemic allows us to go back to the theatres. Below you will find more information about each piece:


    • Fished! by Mariana O. Knigh (Mexico) - Singing
    • Volver a Empezar by Pepa Duarte (UK/Peru) - Poetry
    • El Aislamiento de las Aves by Aromaticas Aves (Colombia) - Physical Theatre
    • A collection of Poems from a recovering man by Mo Korede (UK) - Spoken Word
    • Reciclando Sonidos by SVOP (Colombia) - Music
    • Viudas by The Latin Stage (Spain/Venezuela) - Theatre
    • Classical piano - Liszt & Rachmaninoff performed by J.R. Derote (France) - Music
    • La guitarra Latinoamericana by Ayde Osiris (Mexico) . Music
    • Stuck at home with Sparky Spurr by Paula "Sparky" Spurr (Canada) - Music
    • The people performed by Marisol Spensieri (UK) - Video performance
    • Body issues, ode to self by Priscilla Gomez (UK/Colombia) - Dance, Physical Theatre
    • Yo soy un mimo, tu eres un mimo by Omar Lenin (Colombia) - Clown
    • Lockdown: logged In by Three Worlds (UK/Polands) - Improv
United Kingdom
61 Ivy Road, London, NW2 6SY