Apply for Help Musicians' financial hardship support fund of £2.55 million

Help Musicians has launched the second round of its financial hardship support to help professional musicians ineligible for government emergency safety nets or unable to survive on what they receive.

Phase 2 has a total of £2.55m, made up of £2m from the charity’s reserves, plus generous donations of £500k from music licensing company PPL and £50k from the Lightbody Foundation.

The charity will offer grant payments for the period 1 June to 31 October, to top up Universal Credit payments where relevant. Where an applicant does not qualify for Universal Credit but is still experiencing significant financial hardship, an assessment will be made based on individual circumstances.

Eligible musicians who are experiencing significant financial hardship can apply for support through three alternative routes, depending on their individual circumstances.

The online application forms and guidance notes are available here.

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