Arts Council England to help Edinburgh Fringe performing arts showcases with grants

Arts Council England (ACE) is looking for applications that challenge assumptions about showcasing and working at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2020 and beyond.

ACE has opened a new fund through its National Lottery Project Grants over £100k National Activites strand and would like expressions of interests both before and after 31 October 2019. ACE expect requests of up to £750,000 per showcase. Read more about the idea and the reasons for it on their blog here.

Submit an expression of interest up to and after 31 October here.

Projects should intend to increase international touring by establishing a performing arts showcase for England-based artists that presents work including theatre, dance, circus and live art within the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Especially welcome EOIs for projects are those that will:

  • include a robust strategy to increase international touring through the delivery of up to three showcases (2021, 2022 & 2023) as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe;
  • be underpinned by strong national and international partnerships involving organisations that have both experience of international touring at the relevant scale and of organising similar events;
  • consider ways to minimise environmental impact while actively facilitating connections with potential international and national programmers both at the festival and digitally;
  • demonstrate a commitment to support selected companies in preparing for the showcase and in supporting companies post showcase, including supporting onward international touring;
  • demonstrate a commitment to an open application process for participation in the showcase and to involving a wide range of voices in the selection process;
  • contain rigorous plans to ensure the showcase represents the diversity of contemporary England and includes companies from a geographic spread across England.

ACE are committed to fair pay for artists and expect artists to be paid for their participation in accordance with industry guidelines.


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