Arts Council England's 2020–2030 strategy sets out ten years of creativity for the UK

Arts Council England has published its ten-year strategy for 2020–2030. 

Download the strategy below and read more about it here. Watch the video below for more.

The strategy is built around three outcomes and four investment principles. These are:


  • Creative people
  • Cultural communities
  • A creative and cultural country

Investment Principles

  • Ambition and quality
  • Dynamism
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Inclusivity & relevance

ACE breaks down its commitments within the strategy that will help ensure its successful delivery.

In ACE's national role, it will:

  • Build its capacity, understanding and knowledge at a local level with its network of local offices,and  continue to bring together local and national decision-making.
  • Establish, nurture and maintain strong partnerships across national and local government, education, and with commercial, not-for-profit and voluntary sectors.
  • Grow its expertise and capacity to support and broker more international opportunities for organisations and individuals working in culture.
  • Provide platforms for debate and support the cultural sector to learn from the best new ideas from around the world.
  • React quickly and effectively to national and local opportunities and challenges.
  • Strive to be relevant and responsive to the public, the cultural sector and the places they serve by listening and giving voice to a wide a range of people, including young people.

In its investment process, it will:

  • Regularly review its application processes, monitoring and reporting requirements to ensure accessibility, ease of understanding and inclusivity.
  • Become a more flexible investor to support its traditional timelimited grants.
  • Invest in new technologies to improve existing services and develop new ones.
  • Ask a series of key questions before investment.

In its workforce, ACE will:

  • Ensure it is representative of the country’s population.
  • Ensure more D/deaf and disabled people work with and for Arts Council England.
  • Identify the skills, expertise and knowledge needed for the next decade and invest in training and recruitment.
  • Reduce its impact on the environment, and measure, understand and report on progress.

In terms of our research and data, ACE will:

  • Be clear on what they are measuring and how.
  • Be a dynamic and responsible collector and user of data, applying both current legislation and open data principles.
  • Use research to improve understanding of what the public and its stakeholders want.
  • Ensure any of its research is readily available for use by others.

On accountability and targets, ACE will:

  • Develop a series of Delivery Plans showing priorities / actions.
  • Include performance measures and how it will track and report on progress on its outcomes, investment principles and priorities.
  • Provide regular reports on progress against the strategy.
  • Provide a clearer account of the impact ACE, organisations invested in by it, and the wider cultural sector make.
  • Learn from and share successes and mistakes, progress and challenges.
  • Continue to generate efficiency savings to invest more resources in supporting creativity and culture.


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