Arts Council explains focus on international collaboration after UK's EU exit

Arts Council England has published its priorities post triggering of Article 50, and its belief in the importance international cultural exchange and collaboration.

In a blog by Deputy CEO, Arts and Culture, Simon Mellor explaining the organisation's position, he expresses how arts and culture "needs to play a greater role in Britain’s future at home and abroad" and how Arts Council intends to " work hard to ensure that the arts and cultural sector is ready to meet future challenges and take global opportunities, and...preserve and increase the creative energy that we get from international exchange and collaboration."

The Arts Council England priorities are:

  • Continuing to consult with artists and organisations during the Brexit process to ensure concerns, creative solutions and experience are shared with and understood by government. This will include engaging in close consultation with other UK policy bodies – such as the British Council, the BFI and the other UK arts councils – with an interest in the sector.
  • Maintaining an open and productive dialogue with colleagues in government to demonstrate the impact on artists and cultural organisations in the renegotiated relationship with countries remaining within the EU.
  • Continuing to provide information, research and data to the government to ensure that policy decisions are robust and evidence based.
  • Commissioning and collaborating on bespoke pieces of research to better understand the landscape of EU funding, policy and legislation affecting our sector. They will work with the government on the incorporation into UK law of current EU legislation that could affect growth of the arts and cultural sector.
  • Ensuring that leading international creative talent is able to work in the UK to increase the quality and range of work on offer to UK audiences and assist the development of creative practice within this country’s arts and cultural sector. This will require work with the sector and government to explore a visa and work permit system that works for the arts and cultural sector. 
  • Developing proposals for investment in cultural exchange and collaboration across the world, with an initial focus on Europe, North America and East Asia (research has revealed that English arts and cultural organisations are currently most active in these areas). They will work with the government to review how investment in UK in EU programmes, like Culture Europe, can remain available to the UK arts and cultural sector to support international collaboration. 
  • Developing proposals for the support of networking and partnership-building by the UK arts and cultural sector across borders, in Europe and beyond. 
  • Developing proposals around maintaining tariff-free access to the EU market for cultural exports.

Read the blog via the link below. You can download the published priorities below too.

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