Battersea Arts Centre creates UK touring network for arts-deprived areas

Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) has created the Moving Roots Touring Network which will craft new socially-conscious arts projects for communities in partnership with culturally-deprived partner towns across the country.

BAC has partnered with:

  • Action Factory, Blackburn
  • Common Wealth, Cardiff
  • Lyrici Arts, Chatham
  • Jumped Up Theatre, Peterborough
  • The Old Courts, Wigan

The partnership will create live performance projects communities that are intended to get local people to engage with their pressing local needs. 

The new network builds on BAC’s existing Collaborative Touring Network, hoping to increase participation from communities to co-create or lead on projects with the network.

The network has received £886,000 from trusts and foundations to deliver the project over a period of three years.

Tarek Iskander, artistic director and chief executive of BAC, said: “These ambitious new partnerships and ways of working have a simple idea at their heart: that it is possible for us all to achieve a fairer, more inclusive and more vibrant cultural future."

Battersea Arts Centre / Image: Morely von Sternberg


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