British Film Institute announces new five-year strategy for film, tv and the moving image

Building on its previous Film Forever strategy, the Britsh Film Institute (BFI) has crafted a five-year strategy to 2022 after a series of consultation roadshows this summer.

Its key initatives for the next five years are summed up below:

  • Future talent

This includes supporting work that expands storytelling and the artform, devolving 25% of all BFI production to outside London by 2022, launching a new model for fast funding to fully finance low-budget and debut films, ensuring clearer access to funding and information for emerging filmmakers, and creating a pilot £10m Enterprise Fund to provide working captal to smaller companies. 

  • Future learning and skills 

This includes creating a ten-year skills strategy with Creative Skillset that provides new opportunities for people of all backgrounds in the UK, working with active producers to voluntarily adopt the BFI Diversity Standards, develop (with Into Film) a manifesto for teaching the educational and cultural importance of film in schools, and ensure BFI's board and decision-makers represent the population of the UK.

  • Future audiences 

This will mean growing the engagement of 16–30 year olds, working with key partners to digitise and preserve around 100,000 of the UK's most at-risk television programmes, delivering major cultural programmes focusing on India, dual-heritage British filmmakers and representation of women, creating new 35mm prints for 100 British and international classics, and launching the biggest public, searchable database of British film releases in the UK while working towards a dataset on ethnic diversity in UK film.

  • International leadership for UK film

​This involves increasing the International Fund to lead a strengthened International Strategy with the British Film Commission and the Department for International Trade (DIT) to help navigate the challenges for British film post EU referendum.

The report also details proposed budget plans and how they will measure their success by 2022.

Read the entire report here or download in PDF below.

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