Case Study: How Kneehigh builds momentum

At the opening of each new show that Kneehigh produces, their Chief Executive, Paul Crewes 'leapfrogs' his way to his next international tour. 

Paul Crewes goes to a new prospective location where he's looking to set up the next tour, builds a relationship with potential collaborators and invites them to the current show.

Future collaborators can see Kneehigh's work in action. Plans for the next tour can start to take shape. It's a great way of creating new opportunities to get to new audiences.

International touring has enabled Kneehigh to present their work to new audiences to great reception. Cymbeline made a massive impact with audiences in Colombia and Brazil in 2006 and will be returning to Colombia in 2016.

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Image: Kneehigh's Brief Encounter, Wallis Annenberg Centre for the Performing Arts, LA, USA, 2014.


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