Combatting the 60-80% carbon footprint of festival travel

Tuned in Travel are a forward-thinking events travel company who offer affordable travel to festivals and music events across the UK. Forget tiresome journeys, dragging your camping equipment from train to train, or trying to find your ride home in a sea of a thousand cars; Tuned in Travel offer multiple transport solutions, including chauffeured private hire, to ensure stress-free travel.

What sets Tuned in Travel apart from the crowd is their environmentally conscious approach to providing transport. Audience travel accounts for a whopping 60-80% of an event’s carbon-footprint which is why Tuned in Travel are working hard to combat this. Choosing to jump on one of their national coaches or shuttle buses is a great way to reduce the number of vehicles taken to an event, reducing the negative environmental impact.

Determined to do all they can to make a difference, the company have teamed up with the UK charity Energy Revolution to help lower their carbon footprint. Tuned in Travel guarantees to offset every one of their passengers’ carbon emission generated through travel to and from events through a donation to Energy Revolution. The charity then invests 100% of the donation into clean renewable energy projects. The partnership has already seen inspiring results and together they balanced a whopping 30,6058 travel miles in 2019. This is the equivalent of a staggering 88,971 Kg C02e!    

Do you require transport for your upcoming event? Get in touch with the Tuned in Travel team today! They will be able to provide you with a proposal based on your needs and offer profession advise on the best transport options for you. 

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