Crafts Council publishes international export toolkit

Crafts Council, the national develoopment agency for contemporary crafts in the UK, has created the International Export Toolkit using funding from the Department for International Trade.

The toolkit includes information on logistics, a 'how-to' guide, international events, case studies, and top tips from industry advisors and makers.

Read and download the International Export Toolkit:

Crafts Council also offers these three key steps to exploring international exporting for your crafts:

  • Take your time and set a plan. Make this plan SMART (realistic, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound).
  • Research - remember you cannot plan without data. Who are your potential buyers; what are the markets and what logistics do you need to consider.
  • Preparation - what factors do you need to have in place for your business before you can proceed with your planning?

Contact Crafts Council via email for questions about the toolkit. You can find the original published material here.

Crafts Council Stand at Design Days Dubai / Image: Crafts Council


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