Creative Director for UK/Italy 2020 and register your interest in joining their cultural delegation

British Council has now appointed Jean Cameron as Creative Director for UK/Italy Season 2020, starting in February 2019. Jean will work with British Council teams in UK and Italy, as well as directly with the UK cultural sector to create a high-impact, cost-effective season of UK cultural activity in Italy in autumn 2020.

Jean comes to the role with a wealth of experience. Most recently she was the National Coordinator (Scotland) for Processions 2018, one of the largest mass participation artworks ever, commemorating 100 Years of Votes for Women (commission by 14-18 NOW), and led the bid for the Scottish town of Paisley to be UK City of Culture 2021.

Jean Cameron said: “I am thrilled to take up this appointment at this pivotal moment when we are reimagining how we work with our partners across Europe. I look forward to working with our brilliant and bold creative sector and partners across the UK to create a collective creative response to the opportunity of UK/Italy 2020 in a programme that stimulates meaningful and long lasting dialogue.

"I fell in love with Italy aged 12 when, growing up in a town with a vibrant Italo-Scozzesi community, I started studying the language at school. I’ve been lucky enough to work professionally in different areas of Italy, including at the Venice Biennale, which has given me insight into the distinct regional identities within Italy – something I believe it shares with the UK and that I look forward to make a feature of within the Season as we celebrate the confluence of cultures that defines the dynamic role of the UK creative industries today.”

UK-IT 2020 builds on a global series of seasons to promote international exchange between artists, creative professionals, inventors, researchers and influencers. With this aim the British Council is organising a series of cultural delegations to Italy.

The first, in the second half of March 2019, will focus on the museums and galleries sector. Two more delegations will follow during the year to capture the interest from other sectors.

Register your interest for the UK/Italy 2020 Season for more information about interesting opportunities, including the upcoming cultural delegations.


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