Creative Europe grants €57 million to UK culture organisations

A Creative Europe report on 2016 shows that it has supported 283 UK cultural and creative organisations and audiovisual companies since 2014 with grants of € 57 million.

The report was launched at COLLABORATE!, a Creative Europe Desk UK Forum on International Working at Rich Mix in East London.

  • Cooperation projects were the largest funding opportunity in 2016, where organisations across Europe work collaboratively to develop, innovate and reach new audiences. 28 UK organisations received €2.6 million. 116 UK audiovisual professionals attended Creative Europe-funded training courses too.
  • The 55 of the UK's film, TV and video game industry companies were granted €11.7 million, as well as 50 UK cinemas in the Europa Cinemas network and the distribution of 45 UK films in Europe, including I, Daniel Blake and Suffragette.
  • Three UK-led projects from a cross-sector call for projects supporting the integration of refugees shared €596,303.

Read the entire report online below.

Image: Bushido. Taken from the Creative Europe Desk UK website.


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