DCMS Committee publishes live music report

The DCMS Committee has published a new report on live music in the UK with key points including the need for further investment and a review of business rates to help struggling venues.

The report gathered evidence from industry professionals and artists including Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons. Key findings include:

Monitoring of secondary ticket resale sites

  • The report notes significant efforts of authorities to bring secondary ticket resale sites in line with consumer law.
  • MPs warn against using Viagogo's services at all until they are complying with consumer law
  • Committee calls on government to publish a review of ticket sale regulation legislation and set out responsibilities of companies allowing advertising of such companies to ensure compliance with the law

Discrimination against grime and similar genres

  • Report uncovers evidence of persisting discrimination against "urban music and grime artists", even after controversial risk assessments (form 696) were abolished in 2017
  • Local councils are found not to support urban music venues with concerns over licensing leading to gig cancellations
  • The Committee advises government to provide guidance for licensing authorities, police and venues on risk management to prevent unfair targetting of urban music

Unprecedented closure of music venues

  • Report says that government has failed to act promptly to stop the swathe of venue closures on a scale unprecedented in other cultural sectors
  • Evidence points to UK's strong music industry being at risk due to lack of spaces for musicians to hone and ply their craft and earn an income
  • Committee says government should review the impact of business rate changes and find ways to lessen the burden for music venues, as well as extending tax relief to genres of music outside of classical

Taskforce to support new talent

  • Reports calls for a new taskforce to look at how the music industry can be supported and incentivised to support grassroots talent and channel more revenue into supporting early stage careers of musicians

Download and read the full report below.

Grime artists Skepta, playing Manchester International Festival 2019 / Image: Olivia Rose


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