Edinburgh Summer: Festival, Fringe and Showcase

The place to be every August is Edinburgh. Both the Edinburgh International Festival and Festival Fringe are a vast collection of UK and overseas talent in performing arts across all its forms, both traditional and innovative or original.

You can see some of the vast Edinburgh International Festival programme on the Culture Diary. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has added of the Festival Fringe scheduled activity on our website too.

British Council's biennial Edinburgh Showcase takes place this year, featuring a diverse range of performing arts talent and new work. It's also the biggest opportunity for UK theatre and dance companies to introduce their work to international programmers. 

Add your work

There's still time to add your work to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 'major event', the Edinburgh International Festival 'tour event' and the official Edinburgh Showcase 'major event' on the Culture Diary, ensuring you are showcased with the rest of the programme already uploaded. 


How to add you activity to major events

  • Log in
  • Add or edit your event
  • Find the correct major or tour event in the drop down menu under the correct section
  • Save and publish!

We'll see you there

And we will be there too. The Culture Diary connects UK culture with government and embassies overseas by keeping an up-to-date list of UK and international tours. We are looking forward to taking part in the trade fair on Wednesday 21 August at Edinburgh Festival Theatre from 10am. We hope to meet attending performers and programmers during the Showcase (Monday to Wednesday 19–21 August) to make sure you know we can help connect your work further afield.

Nikki and JD, Knot / Image: Fabio Affuso


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