Freelancers: how to create an organisation on the Culture Diary

Freelance members of the Culture Diary – those working on behalf of many organisations rather than a staff member at one organisation – are able to create organisations if they do not yet exist on the Culture Diary.


Lead partner


  • When uploading events in behalf of an organisation, you must input a Lead Partner under the 'Partners' tab to publish the event.
  • Start typing in the field the name of the organisation. If it does not appear in a drop-down menu, it does not exist on the system.
  • NOTE: make sure to try variations eg. 'The' or without, make sure if it has a similar name ot another organisation that it is the right one before choosing it. You can check the 'organisations' page in the navigation and search there to see if the description, staff list and address match your organisation. This is important because duplicate organisations cause problems with the system! So do search carefully before creating.

Create an organisation

  • If the organisation does not yet exist on our database, go to 'organisations' in the navigation, and then clock 'create'.
  • Fill in the fields including name, description, website URL, address and any social media handles. These fields can be copy and pasted into from other sources.
  • Click 'save and publish'.


  • Once the form has been submitted, the internal Culture Diary team will receive and email to approve and publish the organisation. Once that's done, you may add the organisation as lead partner to your event.
  • Any questions? Email us on
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