Funding for UK musicians to take part in UK-Russia Year of Music 2019

Up to £3,000 is available for UK musicians and professionals wanting to develop and perform work in Russia for British Council's UK-Russia Year of Music 2019 programme.

The funding is open to "individual musicians and professionals (e.g. composers, conductors, performers, librettists, sound artists, event producers) who have an existing interest in or contact with Russia, and who have a strong project idea that funding would help them to fulfil."

The maximum grant amount available is £3,000. Applications may be considered from those who have never previously worked with Russian partners, but who have project partners in mind (or who have already committed to a project). All activity must be completed and all grant funding spent by 29 February 2020, at which time you will be asked to report on the activity you have undertaken.

Read more and apply here before 15 July 2019.

Priority will be given to the following:

  • a strong idea that has been well-thought through and clearly researched, showing how this activity is beneficial to the UK artist/professional and the Russia music sector
  • evidence of interest from both UK and Russian partners, including evidence of co-funding (if applicable)
  • strong professional development outcomes that will lead to further activity between the UK and Russia that may not have taken place otherwise sustainable and ongoing collaboration and creative exchange that will be supported by this activity.

The UK-Russia Year of Music 2019 aims to make real connections between professionals, performers and audiences in the UK and Russia, and applicants will be asked to consider what the benefit will be both for their own career and their sector in both countries.


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