Government publishes important Tourism Sector Deal

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, along with the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy and tourism industry leaders published the first Tourism Sector Deal on 28 June 2019.

The Tourism Sector Deal "sets out how the government and industry will work in partnership to boost productivity, develop the skills of the UK workforce and support destinations to enhance their visitor offer". This is developed in line with the Industrial Strategy's mission to boost the productivity and earning power of the UK population over time.

The deal includes government and sector actions to help reach the aims of the UK tourism industry. These are established under these five headings:

  • People – to ensure high quality tourism training is available so that the UK can attract, retain and develop a workforce with the skills it needs both now and in the future
  • Places – developing the visitor economy and places that people want to visit
  • Business Environment – to improve the productivity of the tourism industry and establish the UK as a global leader by increasing visitor numbers throughout the year
  • Infrastructure – To ensure the sector can support the government's ambition to deliver a major upgrade to the UK's infrastructure
  • Ideas – To increase the capacity of the sector to innovate by accelerating the development of digital technology and reducing barriers

 Download and read the full sector deal here.

Banner: Rye, England / Image: ©VisitBritain / Sara Santini 

Front page: St Michael’s Mount, England / Image: ©VisitBritain


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