Government reports on social impact of participation in culture and sport

The Department for Digital, Culture Media & Sport Committee (DCMS Committee) has published a report on the life-changing benefits of participation in culture and sport to individuals and communities.

Changing Lives finds evidence that:

  • Criminal reoffending rates can be reduced through access to sport and cultural programmes
  • Participation in arts and sports can have a constructive influence on young people including positive role models
  • Involvement in arts and sports has a positive effect on health and wellbeing
  • Downgrading of arts education is harming young people's life chances.

Recommendations from MPs as a result of the evidence collected by the report include:

  • Funding for community initiatives and organisations to help young people at risk of become involved in or victims of criminal activity
  • A Government review to evaluate martial arts and boxing in prisons in breaking the cycle of crime
  • Ofsted inspections to assess the amount of cultural education offered in school and access to participation at primary and secondary level
  • DCMS must set up and lead cross-government group on social impact of sport and culture, prioritising health, education, criminal justice and regeneration.

Read the full report here.


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