GREAT for Imagination wants to celebrate 400 years of the first British patent with you

This year the Intellectual Property Office celebrates 400 years since the grant of British patent number one. With the support of the GREAT Britain campaign, the anniversary is being marked through a celebration of some of the amazing inventions to come out of the UK over the last four centuries.

From radar and fibre optics to groundbreaking cancer treatment and colour film, Britain has nurtured some incredible discoveries and the GREAT Britain campaign delighted to showcase the UK's continuing strength as a home for imagination.

Are you planning on celebrating 400 years of the British patent? Do you have an innovative take on how to celebrate the imagination that has driven some of the best inventions in the last four centuries? Upload your events on the Culture Diary and let us know what you're planning

Find out more about by following on Twitter (@GREATBritain) and the new Instagram home @GREATforImagination, and tell the GREAT Britain campaign about the innovative work that you are involved in by posting content online using the hashtag #GREATforImagination.


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