ICOM UK-HWB Travel Grant Scheme for EU and greater Europe

ICOM UK, with support from Heritage Without Borders (HWB), is offering a number of travel grants to support staff from regional and local UK museums (non-national museums) to travel to Europe and greater Europe to develop mutually beneficial projects and partnerships. 

The ICOM UK – HWB Travel Grant Scheme will enable recipients to undertake an international visit to museums to meet with international colleagues and mutually share skills, expertise and experience.  The Travel Grant Scheme aims to support museums who are starting to develop mutually beneficial international projects and partnerships in Europe and greater Europe.  Priority will be given to museums whose staff have not previously undertaken international work.

The total budget available for the Travel Grant Scheme in 2017-18 is £7,200.  Applications will be considered for grants of up to £700 per organisation or consortium.

The full list of EU and greater Europe countries applicants are eligible to visit can be found on the Travel Grant Scheme Application Form on the ICOM UK website: http://uk.icom.museum/about-us/bursaries/icom-uk-hwb-travel-grant-scheme/

In autumn 2018 ICOM UK with support from the British Council will launch a Global Travel Grant Scheme.  Further details will be available in summer 2017.


Deadlines for Applications

Applications open: 9:00 on Thursday 1 June 2017

Deadline for applications: 17:00 on Friday 30 June 2017

Successful applicants notified: w/c 10 July 2017


The application form and guidelines can be downloaded from the ICOM UK website:


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