Join UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) at SXSW 2020

The Department for International Trade will be at SXSW to celebrate the convergence of the interactive and music industries. 

DIT is leading the UK Government’s presence at SXSW 2020 with a UK trade stand. The official SXSW venue, the British Music Embassy, will be in a dynamic new venue - Cedar Street Courtyard. 

The trade stand and BME will offer the perfect opportunity to engage with buyers, hold one-on-one meetings, showcase your innovations, put on your events and receptions, and present your brand with impact at SXSW.

DIT welcomes innovative “createch” businesses across advertising, screen, experience, music, design and branding, social media, and immersive.

Whether you are scaling quickly and already working with the US and international clients or just beginning to test the waters for your growth plans, your company could benefit from joining DIT’s trade mission to SXSW - the most important conference of the year to demonstrate your company’s creativity expertise, and technology to a global audience.

To confirm your participation, please register here:

UK company trade mission offer

  • Basic package for participating companies:
  • A UK trade mission discount code for money off their badge
  • Invitation to the Friday 13 March, UK at SxSW opening reception
  • Access to meeting space at the UK Trade show stand and the British Music Embassy between 14 -17 March
  • Opportunity to attend daytime partner activity at the BME throughout Interactive
  • Listing in UK at SxSW directory
  • Pre-SxSW webinar to discuss making the most of the conference

Tier 1 – Participation includes:

  • Basic package
  • Includes Platinum Connections* at a subsidized cost, bespoke 1-1 business meeting package for company principals, with meeting space accommodated on the UK trade show floor
  • Saturday 14 March, Welcome and SxSW kick-off and roundtables at the British Music Embassy
  • Exclusive demo space during interactive fest daytime programming
  • One-page profile at UK at SxSW directory
  • One-on-one meeting/video chat with DIT USA to prepare for SxSW in advance
  • Invitations to a number of British receptions and events

*Platinum Connection is an elite program that matches expertly selected international companies with US companies and facilitates 1- on -1 meetings between business decision makers. All meetings take place at the UK trade show stand during interactive festival. This cost is subsidised. There will be a maximum of 10 companies accepted on this tier.

Cost: £1,800 plus VAT

Tier 2 – Participation includes:

  • Basic package
  • Saturday 14 March, welcome and SxSW kick-off and roundtables at the British Music Embassy
  • Option to have a time-slot for demoing at the BME daytime interactive space
  • 1/2-page profile in UK at SxSW directory
  • Invitations to a number of receptions and events
  • Cost: £600 plus VAT

Tier 3 – Participation includes:

  • Basic package
  • Cost: £175 plus VAT

Costs at every tier are exclusive of SxSW conference badge, flights, accommodation, insurance, airport transfers, food etc.

Sponsorship & Partnership opportunities

Sponsorship and partnership opportunities exist for companies and organisations interested in providing financial or value in kind support.

Any company wishing to register an expression of interest should get in touch before the deadline. 

Register here

Application deadline: 13th January 2020

The DIT creative industries experts will be on the ground to:

  • Curate one-to-one business meetings with your targeted potential clients and buyers as well as help you widen your networks
  • Create a high visibility platform for your company through DIT’s presence at SXSW
  • Provide demo and showcase opportunities at our trade show stand and daytime lounge at the British Music Embassy throughout the festival
  • Showcase British musicians for 8 nights 

British Music Embassy, SXSW 2018 / Image: Department for International Trade

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