New Makers and Designers: Apply to Hothouse 2019

Hothouse is a Crafts Council Talent and Business Development Programme that supports talented makers at the start of their career.

Hothouse is unique in being a nationally recruiting programme which takes place at a series of leading centres of craft activity around the country, maximising opportunities for you to broaden horizons and build diverse networks. This national outlook is balanced with a personalised approach to learning. The workshop and residential programme is tailored to the needs of its participants as a group, and each individual participant also receives ten hours of 1:1 professional mentoring with a specialist from the sector.

Being part of the programme offers you outstanding opportunities to build strong networks. As a participant, you become part of a diverse peer-support network of makers at a similar stage of their career and gain access to the Crafts Council’s national network of industry experts, organisations, speakers and trainers. Status as a ‘Hothouser’  is also a mark of achievement recognised by a number of organisations.

This is a high quality programme that works. In the words of a previous participant:

“It was the best thing I could have done at the time and I don't think I would have managed to keep my business going for the last 5 years without everything I was taught back then. There was no one else who was either willing to spend their time mentoring me for free, or could have taught me the wide range of subjects that I needed to get off the ground.”

You might define yourself as a maker, a designer, or an artist, but making, primarily in 3-D, will be at the heart of what you do.You could be self-taught, have studied craft at university, or as an apprentice, but you will you have started your practice or business within the last four years.

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