New report covers the impact of Creative Europe in the UK

Through its funding for the MEDIA and Culture Sub-Programmes, among others, Creative Europe (CE) has made a lasting impact on the UK according to a report put together with the help of Creative Europe Desk UK. Benefits include growing business and organisations, establishing lasting partnerships around the world, and providing opportunities for disdavantaged groups.

You can download the full Impact of Creative Europe In the UK report below. Read the full UK 2017 results report here. Find out more about the latest round of the Cooperation project funding and apply for next year.

In figures:

  • €74 million of a €1.4 billion budget has gone to the UK so far, with 334 UK organisations and companies supported and 145 British films distributed in other European countries. 
  • 82% of those consulted beneficiaries stated CE funding had been effective in growing their business or organisation. 52% of MEDIA beneficiaries and 68% of Culture beneficiaries said CE funding was critical in securing additional investment.
  • In the Culture sub-programme, since 2014, 150 organisations have received €18.7 million in the Culture sub-programme to participate in 144 projects. 144 of supported projects with UK partners have committed to creating 581 new jobs in the UK, of which 16% are permanent. 
  • The UK is also one of the best networked countries in CE with 734 partners across 34 countries in the Culture sub-programme.
  • UK organisations are involved in 42% of Cooperation projects. 68% of Cooperation projects with UK leads or partners selected training and education as a priority for their project demonstrating a positive impact on skills development.
  • Culture projects funded from 2014-17 with UK partners are committed to reaching over 61 million people, with around 7 million of them being in the UK, as well as broadening perceptions of the value of inclusive practice across the sector and helping to impact on  the quality of the work.

Key findings:

  • Economic impact – CE has helped UK businesses and organisations to grow and become more resilient, boosted job creation, output and exports, leading to additional investment including from outside the UK and strengthening cross-border funding relationships.
  • Internationalisation and networks – CE encourages partnership development by supporting co-production and network building. Working with international partners encourages mobility and exchange, boosting market potential and delivering impacts around soft power and cultural relations.
  • Innovation, research and development – CE has enabled UK organisations and companies to take risks, explore new business models and new ways of working across sectors, and helped recipients explore digital technology.
  • Skills and capacity – CE has provided formal and informal opportunities for professional training, up-skilling and peer-learning in international contexts. These have led to further employment, business development and collaborations.
  • Audiences and cultural impact – CE has helped creative organisations reach and develop local and international audiences in particular increasing the desire for and facilitating distribution of UK film and television in European markets. CE-supported projects have also worked in and with local community’s including introducing refugees and migrants to local cultural institutions, as in the JOURNEYS project led by ArtReach form the Refugee Integration Projects strand.
  • Social impact – CE-supported projects has provided opportunities for young people, economically disadvantaged groups, migrants and refugees. Projects also involve socially-engaged practice and community partnerships with some aiming to influence policy.

Major benefits include:

  • Strong, lasting partnerships – CE has helped UK organisations forge partnerships with other organisations around the world. Relationships often outlast the project itself, and provide lasting networks of contacts and expertise.
  • Research and development – Innovation through the MEDIA funding strand has seen support for projects in rapidly developing areas of the AV sector, from video games and VOD services to online platforms for training and film literacy. CE participants across the world benefit from the UK’s strength in R&D and continued participation in CE would provide opportunities for the UK to share its expertise with the world and help international partners to strengthen their bids.
  • Support for a wide range of projects – The Culture sub-programme is very flexible in its support by focusing on international collaboration and exchange meaning it is less concerned about the kind of activity delivered; it encourages originality and imagination.
  • Support for new entrants – The CE application process is very accessible for new entrants to the field, encouraging new ideas and approaches. Given the small scale of many newer organisations, the investment and support granted by CE can help boost their capacity significantly.

Creative Europe panel at Edinburgh Festival Fringe / Image: Brad Barrett


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