Nominees for the 5th Annual TeenClash Indie Awards Announced


December 1, 2019 (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE)


Kathy DiTondo founder of the “TeenClash” Indies announces the nominees for the fifth annual edition of these awards which celebrate independence in music, the arts, media and business.

“2020 will mark the fifth year we’ve hosted these awards. The nominees are formidable, each and every one,” DiTondo states.

“As I have said and will always say:  Everyone nominated is a winner because they continue to remain independent at a time when corporations dominate music, the arts, media and business. That they are able to pull off their passion is an absolute miracle given the continuing climate which makes it extremely difficult to do anything independently,” DiTondo says.

The Teen Clash (TC) awards are named after her 2014 book “I Was a Teenage Guitarist for the Clash!” which was completely pulled off “DIY’ from concept to budget to product development to creative to delivery and recalls the time when a DIY revolution known as the first wave of British Punk conquered the then dominate corporate force that choked the life out of the arts.

DiTondo’s book is currently being adapted into a British Council-listed independent film scheduled for delivery in 2021. As with everything “TeenClash” the film project is being pulled off completely “DIY” style. 

“While the book is interesting because it documents the birth of the seminal independent band the Clash, the most important and interesting aspect from my perspective is the DIY independent revolution that started in the streets of West London in 1975-76 and went global.”

“We need a third revolution, a global one, now more than ever before,” DiTondo says.  “I am very proud of all the nominees who are leading that charge and continue to give the world options that come from their hearts and their souls.”  

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