Opportunity for designer-makers to exhibit - MAKE2019

MAKE 2019 is the Devon Guild's annual Christmas selling exhibiton, celebrating the diversity of contemporary craft. It's a show that focuses on selling handmade, high quality craftsmanship and connecting makers with our Christmas customers who come from all over Devon and beyond, for seasonal shopping. By highlighting one-off, unique pieces alongside small scale batch production we aim to offer a range of mediums and prices to suit all.

The exhibition is open to any UK-based contemporary craftsperson or designer-maker whose work fits these criteria. Christmas is an important time for sales. During MAKE 2018 over 16,000 people visited the exhibition, with nearly 12,500 visiting online. Sales reached over £27,000. To apply to take part in the show (dates below) please email the following information to: sharyn.baker@crafts.org.uk •An artist CV   •An artist statement   •6 digital images (examples of current work). Also information about retail prices (inclusive of our 50% commission, e.g. if retail price is £50, then our commission from this would be £25)

CLOSING DATE is Monday 1 July. You will receive an email confirmation of your submission. If you do not, please re-send your submission.

EXHIBITION DATES are 16 November 2019 - 5 January 2020.

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