Brexit, Trump, 'post-truth' politics... 2016 gave us plenty to rail against. In this, the centenary year of the Russian Revolution, we invite artists, thinkers and curators to respond to the theme of 'revolution' through performance, discussion and music.

As part of this programme, our artistic partners Dash Arts offer a unique artistic experience of the Soviet and post-Soviet story since the Russian Revolution. Across 2017, we will continue to present the monthly Dash Cafes featuring live music, film, performance, readings and discussion with artists from the UK and across the Post Soviet States. 

On Mon 12 June, The Dacha opens to the public! 

This immersive installation recreates a Russian country house in the Main Space at Rich Mix. Delve into life in the year of 1917 through the eyes of the Popov family dacha in Vyritsa, several hours outside Petrograd. Each weekend through the month will explore a season in the turbulent revolutionary year.

Lose yourself in films, dressing up, board games and cards, live music and impromptu theatre performances where audiences can pick up a script and help us bring to life a classic play from the period. Sip tea from the Samovar that keeps on giving, partake in fevered political discussion with special guest speakers, and dance to a late night DJ set that draws on a century of Russian music and culture. And one last thing - all events are free! 

REVOLUTION17 will culminate in an explosion of new theatre, music and art marking the anniversary of the October Revolution.

Over the course of the year we will offer support to migrant artists to include showcase slots in the cafes and larger events, a mentoring scheme equipping them with skills, experiences and abilities to pursue their creative potential within the UK arts ecology.

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