Scottish Ensemble announces "The Bridge" a major new European network and three-day festival of string music

Scottish Ensemble is thrilled to announce the launch of The Bridge, a major new European network and three-day festival of string music in May 2020.

Supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, The Bridge is a collaboration between Scottish Ensemble (UK), Ensemble Resonanz (Germany), Trondheim Soloists (Norway) and PLMF Music Trust (Estonia).

Led by these forward-thinking string ensembles and a major European music trust, The Bridge emerged from a shared belief in the importance of embracing new ways of presenting classical music in order to keep the art form vibrant and relevant to as many different people as possible.

It was also formed with an appreciation of how ambitious and innovative smaller ensembles and organisations can be in terms of instigating and championing change.

Jenny Jamison, Chief Executive of Scottish Ensemble said:  “With the UK’s imminent departure from the EU, strengthening cultural connections has become more important than ever. By fostering and protecting existing cross-cultural respect and understanding, and enriching our shared European musical heritage and finding ways to make it more accessible, responsive, diverse and innovative, we believe The Bridge can inspire long-term change within the classical music sector and encourage more people to enjoy the power of this shared musical tradition.”

With the backdrop of the Brexit debate and the ongoing negotiations surrounding the UK’s place in the European Union, The Bridge is a celebration of our shared cultural heritage, the ties between cultural organisations across Europe, and the importance of creativity as a powerful tool for social unity.

Over the course of 2 years, these four forward-thinking classical music organisations from across Europe will come together to explore, share and develop ideas around artistic innovation and audience diversity in the classical music sector, as well as initiating a string ensembles network.

The Bridge will comprise both industry-focused and public events across Scotland, Germany, Norway and Estonia, before culminating in a new three-day festival of string music. Taking place in various spaces across Glasgow in May 2020, the festival will include a major new commission as well as innovative and powerful live experiences designed to showcase classical music as a whole - in an accessible, welcoming way, to as diverse an audience as possible.

You can read more about the project here. The four partners are also recruiting for a Project Manager for this project; please find more information here.

Scottish Ensemble will also host a networking event on Tuesday 18 December, at the CCA in Glasgow. This event will allow Scottish and UK organisations the opportunity to meet and learn more about The Bridge’s international project partners, and to contribute to and learn from debates on the key questions the project seeks to address – around audience development, the importance of networks, and innovation in classical music presentation. For more information, or if you wish to attend this event, please contact or call 0141 332 4747.


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