Sold out Liverpool 2018 success Aurora is a UK-Indonesian collaboration

One of the highlights of the Liverpool 2018 programme, a visual and aural immersive installation filling the vast space of Toxteth Reservoir, is a collboration between UK and Indonesian artists.

Aurora by Invisible Flock, co-comissioned with FACT in Liverpool, sees audiences through ice caves, rainforests and monsoons, depicting the beauty and power of the planet's most previous resource, water.

Cruicially, the project has been a collaboration between UK and Indonesian artists. Etza Meisyara, Rudi Nurhadi, Bagus Pandega, Abshar Platisza and Meibi Sikoki all worked with Invisible Flock to bring Aurora to life. 

In a blog posted on British Council Indonesia's website about the collaboration, Etza Meisyara said: "Aurora is a multidisciplinary project. It involves sound artists, light artists, installation artists...and we;ve collaborated together to work out how these disciplines can come together."

In the same blog, Bagus Pandera explains: "It's been a new experience, communicating in English and understanding each other's needs. In the UK manpower is very expensive. We have to minimise manpower and maximise everything we have. I will share the priocess with artists when I get back to Indonesia."

As an example of cross-national collaboration in the creative space, Aurora is a commercial and artistic success with an emphasis on how the UK culture sector can best work with other countries to create unique and impressive experiences.

Aurora / Image: FACT


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