Sound Diplomacy publishes guide to music increasing economic, social and cultural growth in cities

Music strategy consultancy organisation Sound Diplomacy has published its 13-point guide for cities, towns and governments to increase economic, social and cultural growth through music.

Sound Diplomacy states: "The Music Cities Manual further supports a trend emerging around the world - cities are paying more deliberate and intentional attention to their music, culture and night time economies."

It's 13 points are set out as follows:

  1. Develop a music policy
  2. Asset map your environment
  3. Create a coalition of music and non-music people
  4. Use your heritage and celebrate the past
  5. Use music to bring in tourism
  6. Use music to achieve sustainable development goals
  7. Support venues to help music develop
  8. Create an entrepreneurial environment for business
  9. Prioritise music education across young and old
  10. Support evening and night-time economies
  11. Prioritise affordibility of buildings and land
  12. Be international in scope
  13. Music is central to health and wellbeing

Shain Shapiro, Founder and President of Sound Diplomacy, says: "We hope cities, regions and places use this guide as a catalyst to improve their communities through music, because evidence demonstrates that this is what happens when music is incorporated in policy early and often."

Download the manual here.


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