Southbank Centre offers 'Art By Post' for wellbeing at home

Southbank Centre is offering 'Art by Post' which brings free poetry and visual arts activities to the people who are most isolated by the current social distancing measures. The activities are designed for older adults living with dementia and other chronic health conditions.

If you sign up to take part, you’ll receive Art by Post creative booklets which arrive through your letterbox or straight to your email inbox. Through a series of exercises, you’ll be inspired to be more artistic and feed your imagination.

The Art by Post booklets are inspired by the Southbank Centre's art collection and artistic programme.

When the Southbank Centre reopens, it will stage an exhibition of work created by some of the people taking part in Art by Post.

Sign up, refer someone else or request to receive packs as a group here.

If you or the person you are referring has access to the internet, or support from someone who could download and print their booklet for them, please consider opting to receive booklets via email.

This will help save printed booklets for those who cannot access them digitally.

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