Submit your proposals for the British Council UK-China Online Culture Festival by 29 July 2020

The 2020 UK-China Online Culture Festival, launching on 1 October and led by British Council, is a 14-day digital-led festival designed to bring creative, diverse and contemporary cultural content to audiences in China and in the UK.

UK cultural content made available online to audiences globally is largely inaccessible to Chinese audiences due to online platforms where it is hosted. In the UK, audiences have been unable to access Chinese content because the most interesting content is in Mandarin and mostly hosted on Chinese platforms.

The online festival will allow larger audiences in both countries to see high-quality culture from each other's creative sectors. This is an opportunity to strengthen bilateral ties between the UK and China.

You can still get involved if you already have content that is ready to be added to the programme. Some help may be requested for adding Mandarin subtitles to UK content. Steps to take and criteria below:

  1. Identify content you already have and is suitable for China and let British Council know. Complete the form - download here - and return to:
  2. Get in touch with British Council if you wish to discuss a specific live debate / live stream that you would like us to programme into the Festival
  3. Get in touch with British Council would like to pre-record a session for us to broadcast as part of the festival
  4. British Council are approaching sponsors to help meet the costs of adding Mandarin Subtitles to UK content, but content that requires limited additional production will be easier for them to use.

Akram Khan Company's Vertical Road © Copyright by Richard Haughton

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