UK is number one in the Portland Soft Power Index 2018

The UK reached the top of the global Portland Soft Power 30 Index, with France, Germany, USA and Japan joining behind us in the top 5. The UK also achieved the highest overall score since the report began in 2015 with 80.55.

The soft power index results are based on measures for culture, digital, education, engagement, enterprise, and government. The ranking is decided via objective data across these categories and international polling from 11,000 people across 25 countries. Our top performance indicators were Culture and Engagement, followed by Digital and Education categories. 

The report says: "State institutions such as the British Council and BBC World Service, combined with internationally recognized brands like the Premier League provide the global reach and influence to reach and engage global audiences. The UK’s creative, cultural, financial and technology sectors keep the world interested in what is happening in Britain. Moreover, the UK is home to some of the world’s most successful higher education institutions that attract students and academics from across the globe."

Portland also cites the GREAT Britain Campaign in its recommendations as one of the major factors in our soft power triumph: "The world-leading GREAT campaign has served the UK well in promoting the best of the country to external audiences. Continued investment in the institutions and vehicles that export British soft power will only become more vital as Brexit is completed."

Portland's recommendations include the increase in export of soft power will keep us at the top. The UK has previously been ranked top of the soft power index in Portland's first report in 2015.

Portland's recommendations include the increase in export of the UK's soft power to help keep the country at the top of their index. And this is where our arts, culture and creativity make a difference. By connecting with international audiences, you're not just boosting your own profile, but adding to the positive perception of the UK around the world. The Culture Diary gives you a chance to let the government know where you are in the world. Upload your international touring plans regularly and ahead of time so we can feed this information to those looking to use our remarkable soft power assets for the benefit of the UK.

The Government announced the soft power strategy earlier in 2018 and it is set to be launched before the end of the year. Key professionals from culture and creative industries, digital and sport sectors, joined the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the GREAT Britain Campaign, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the Culture Diary, for a reception to announce the first stage of the forthcoming soft power strategy. Hosted by Michael Ellis, Minister for Arts, Heritage and Tourism, he gave attendees 10 key questions to answer for feedback to incorporate into the strategy. Conrad Bird, Director of the GREAT Britain Campaign, also spoke about also spoke about how the Culture and creative sectors can join the GREAT campaign:

1) register for the Culture Diary and regularly upload events and stories 
2) contact Anna Maloney with info on where you aspire to work internationally and your current international touring plans and collaborations
3) share copyright-free imagery to be used for the GREAT asset library and be amplified via our social media channels.

Serpentine Pavilion Beijing / Image: Serpentine Galleries


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