Update your details for the New Year in time to receive our 2019/2020 desktop calendar

It's time to freshen up before the New Year arrives!

Calling all Culture Diary members - we would love your help to tidy up our membership data as we head into 2019. We will be sending out a 2019/2020 desktop calendar in January, and to receive one we need to make sure the below details are all ready for when it's time to mail them out to you.

It's very simple. Just follow the three steps below:

  1. Log in to the Culture Diary and check that you are connected to the correct organisation. If you are not, let us know both the previous and current organisation at brad.barrett@culture.gov.uk
  2. Make sure your organisation has the correct mailing address. If it doesn't, let us know both the name of the organisation and the right mailing address at brad.barrett@culture.gov.uk
  3. We will be sending out a new desk calendar for 2019/2020 (you can see 2017/18 in the image above). If you want one, make sure you follow steps 1 and 2, and update your marketing preferences. Click here and fill in your details, then check 'Direct Mail' to receive the calendar. If you are already signed up to our monthly newsletter, the form will give you a link to click. This will send an email to your address where you can change your preferences. Again, simply check the 'Direct Mail' box.

If you have any questions, just get in touch with us at info@theculturediary.com.

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