Upload your events celebrating the Centenary of the Women's Vote in 2018

In 2018, London and the rest of the UK will host a year-long cultural programme to commemorate the Centenary of the Women's Vote.

Are you planning any event in London or wider UK around this? Want to let us know your event is celebrating the Centenary of the Women's Vote in 2018? Would you like to make it easy for you and us to share with everyone on social media and newsletters? Well, here's how.

Follow these few simple steps to ensure you're included in the major event listing:

  1. Log in as normal (or register here if you're not already a user), then go to 'Events' and 'Add'
  2. Fill in event information as usual - remember to include an image to make it look lovely!
  3. Before you click 'publish' at the bottom, go to 'Is this event part of a major event?' in the 'Major Events and Tours' section under the date information. Click the drop-down menu and scroll to 'Centenary of the Women's Vote 2018'. Click on it. Your event is now tagged in this 'major event'.
  4. Once you've pressed 'publish', we get a notification to let us know you've tagged your content as part of a major event. We will then press 'authorise' on this and your event will appear under the Centenary of the Women's Vote 2018 major event.

Now your event can be seen at a single click in the list of events taking place as part of the centenary.

This method also works for any of the major event tags you can see in the menu. Remember, there will be a delay while we authorise your event. But once that's done, you can see and share your event from the Culture Diary!

If you find you're having trouble with the Culture Diary website, email us here.

We look forward to seeing what you're up to in 2018. Keep using the Culture Diary and we'll continue to find ways to promote UK culture worldwide.


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