V&A Dundee helps boost visitor numbers for local cultural attractions

Dundee has benefitted from Scotland's first museum of design, V&A Dundee, since its opening in September 2018 with a boost in visitor numbers.

V&A Dundee has welcomed more than 340,000 people in its first three months of operation. Other cultural venues in the area that have benefitted from the new musuem include:

Discovery Point – site of the Antarctic-exploring RSS Discovery ship and museum – saw its visitor numbers increase by 40 per cent in 2018

McManus Art Gallery & Museum saw a 31 per cent increase.

The statistics come from the Moffat Centre for Travel and Tourism at the Glasgow Caledonian University, which has analysed the performance of 680 paid and free tourist sites around Scotland.

“There is no doubt visitors are seeing more of the country and the benefits of tourism are being spread across Scotland,” said Professor John Lennon, director of the Moffat Centre. “There has been a lot of interest in the V&A but that interest has spread out and has had an impact on nearby attractions, like Discovery Point, the McManus Art Gallery and the Botanic Gardens.”

The research found that visits to Scottish tourist attractions actually fell by 0.5 per cent on 2017, with 61.4m visits. The Moffat Centre said this was largely due to record-breaking temperatures over the summer months, affecting attendance to indoor attractions.

V&A Dundee / Image: Hufton Crow

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