V&A Dundee leads fundraising campaign to help local cultural organisations

Cultural organisations in Dundee, led by V&A Dundee, have launched a joint fundraising campaign to offset some of the financial impact of COVID-19.

The Dundee Cultural Recovery Fund is led by V&A Dundee and will also benefit Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee Heritage Trust and Dundee Science Centre.

The aim is to raise at least £ 1million. £500,000 has already been donated by the Northwood Charitable Trust as a ‘challenge fund’ to match other donations pound to pound. A further £200,000 has also been given from private donors including chair of V&A Dundee Tim Allan and entrepreneur Alasdair Locke.

The campaign aims to encourage support from major donors who have previously supported the organisations, as well as businesses and cultural philanthropists.

Tim Allan said: "Dundee’s major cultural organisations are the beating heart of the city.

"Their success is crucial to Dundee’s recovery from COVID-19, with their widespread economic and social benefits felt across all communities in the city.

"The Dundee Cultural Recovery Fund will enable generous private individuals and businesses to support the visitor economy in the city, and to invest in the future economic success of Dundee’s cultural sector."

Christopher Thomson, trustee at the Northwood Charitable Trust, said: "Championing the cultural recovery in Dundee is not only about safeguarding our world-class venues but also, importantly, ensuring their wider economic impact and learning and community programmes continue to benefit everyone in the city.

“People and organisations throughout Dundee have come together to achieve remarkable things before, not least the creation of V&A Dundee itself.

"We hope our contribution to the challenge fund inspires our community to ensure that our vibrant cultural scene remains a beacon for regeneration and prosperity in Dundee and beyond."

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