Welcome to GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland crew return to the maritime heritage city of Liverpool for the end of the Clipper 2017–18 Race

After 40,000 nautical miles with 712 crew across 12 yachts and teams, the Clipper 2017–18 Race finished back at Albert Dock in Liverpool on 28 July. The race visited six continents with 16 international stopovers.

The GREAT Britain Campaign was with them all the way, with its own yacht and team, and with multiple activities at each stop over to aid government objectives in trade, investment and soft power and through sport and brand extension. Stopover activity took place in China, Cape Town, Liverpool, New York City, Panama, Seattle, Sydney and Uruguay.

The race finish was also part of Liverpool 2018 celebrations, expanding upon the cultural influence of Liverpool since it was named European Capital of Culture 2008.

Although neither the GREAT Britain team nor Liverpool 2018 won this year, second place went to British Sailor Skipper Nikki Henderson, 25, of the Visit Seattle team. She is the youngest female skipper to finish in the top three of the Clipper Race.


Conrad Bird, Director of the GREAT Britain Campaign, and Tracey Crouch, Minister for Sports and Civil Society, join the GREAT Britain crew at the finish line / Image: Clipper 2017–18 Race


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