Welcome to the new look Culture Diary!

Show off your events on the Culture Diary's new look homepage while enjoying fresh features and tweaks which will help you promote UK culture nationwide and internationally.

Make sure to upload good quaity images to events, add social media URLs and postal addresses to your organisation, and a profile picture to your personal page to get the most out of the Culture Diary.

New and improved features:


This shows off key culture stories and major calendar events, including funding and trade mission opportunities from our partners. Contact us via email at info@theculturediary.com if you'd like to request a spot on the carousel.

Easy log in and social media link

Link your profile with your social media account and you can log in with those details. Add your organisation's social media accounts to its profile so members can click through to your company's pages too.

Share, like and comment on events / stories

Share events and stories through your linked social media accounts. Interact through likes and comments.

Add events to your personal or work calendar

Click a button to add an event reminder to your personal or work Outlook, Google, iCalendar or Yahoo calendar – good for keeping track of your or others' events on the go.

World map for events and organisations 

We have created an interactive map to see the UK's events across the globe at a glance. You can also plot your organisation's home venue or headquarters on the map. Please make sure your event's venue address, organisation profile and other details are fully completed to gain the most from this new function. The better located you are, the easier it is for peers, locals and tourists to find you and your events!


Does your organisation do more than offer world-class events? We've given you a space to share your speciality services. Perhaps you can provide consultancy for peers and clients overseas, or offer training to sector partners internationally? Share your services in this section.

If you want to ask questions about the new features, or any aspect of the site, please contact Brad on info@theculturediary.com

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